World Book Online Developed by Scott Fetzer Company

worldbookTitleWorld Book Online

Developer: Scott Fetzer Company

Genre: Database

Reading Level/Interest Age: All ages

Plot: World Book Online is a database that can help those who are looking for information about a certain subject. This particular database has multiple products for users to choose from depending on the age. There are games and interactive features for very young children and then there is a more advanced platform for older children about various different subjects. Older users can find more detailed information through the “Info Finder,” the “Reference Center,” and the “Discover” products. For Spanish speaking users, there is a product that is written in Spanish.

Critical Evaluation: The multiple products that are available can act similar to an encyclopedia when researching information on a certain subject. The website’s design is very detailed and well organized with widgets that display pictures to entice the user. Pictures such as a close up on a bright and colorful lizard and a skier in the air. The website has columns of listed subjects that can help users get started on their search. Search bars are conveniently placed at the top-center portion of each product so that the user will know where to look up specific information. Research on the information found on this database can be saved, emailed, and printed directly from the web page. Also citations of the article are provided at the bottom of each article in different formats (MLA, APA, and Harvard).

Reader’s Annotation: Do you ever have a question about a subject but do not know the answer to it? Find the answer to your questions here at the World Book Online database.

Developer: Retrieved from Scott Fetzer Company website

The Scott Fetzer Company began as a machine shop in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio, founded by George Scott and Carl Fetzer. Inventor Jim Kirby, also from Cleveland, partnered with the businessmen to produce the first Kirby vacuum cleaner. Kirby vacuum cleaners remained the Company’s mainstay product until the 1960s, when it began a program of expansion and acquisition.

Today, Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of high quality products for the home, family, and industry comprised of more than 20 businesses. In addition to Kirby, some of its best known businesses are World Book (encyclopedias and reference materials), Douglas/Quikut (maker of Ginsu knives), Campbell Hausfeld (air compressors), Adalet (explosion-proof enclosures), United Consumer Financial Services (consumer financing), Meriam (instrumentation), Halex (electrical fittings), Carefree (RV accessories), Wayne Water Systems (sump and utility pumps) and Western Enterprises (compression gas fittings).

Curriculum Ties:

  • Research

Booktalking Ideas: N/A

Challenging Issues: N/A

Why This Movie? The web design of this database is very fun and I am always captivated by the widgets that flash on my screen. I always seem to have the urge to go from one subject to the next every time I search for information on this database.


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