Transworld Surf Magazine

SURF_july2013_cover-542x6001Title: Transworld Surf

ISBN: 07336108847

Publication Date: July 2013 issue

Genre: Sport Magazine

Reading Level/Interest Age: 15 and up

Plot: Transworld Surf magazine is a photographic magazine that is a monthly periodical. The majority of each issue consists of high definition photographs that capture the outstanding world of surfing. Of course this magazine is not completely filled with just photographs. Written articles by the magazine writers are also published in these monthly subscriptions.

Critical Evaluation: The photographic essays that are published in these magazines is truly amazing. There are images that are captured that only skilled professional oceanic photographers, who know the ways around the waves, can capture. The photographers high definition cameras are able to display precise details of the waves, the surfer’s actions, and the many different issues that surfers must face such as raging tide.

Reader’s Annotation: All you need is your board and mother nature will do the rest.


  • Sports
  • Photography

Booktalking Ideas: N/A

Challenging Issues:  N/A

Why This Album? The photographs are amazing to look at in this magazine. People who are normally unable to be where the surfer is, this magazine will bring them there.


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