Red by Taylor Swift

redTitle: Red

Artist: Taylor Swift


Publication Date: 2012

Genre: Pop and country

Reading Level/Interest Age: 13 and up

Plot: This album was written by Taylor Swift and it is her eighth album that was released in 2012. Red explains the passionate relationships that Swift has experienced in the past and then ended so suddenly. Many of the songs on this album are centered on all the things that happen when love comes your way and then hit a wall and then exploded.  These are the “red” relationships. Swift’s melodic and catchy songs are able to capture the listener’s ears.

Critical Evaluation: The way how Swift describes this album is something that many teenagers can relate to. She explains that “red” relationships are the ones where passion and love were found, but as time goes by, sometimes the relationship can end in a horrible separation. As time heals that broken heart, you realize that you would never take any of those moments back. Swift is 23 years old and for being at such a young age, it is difficult to believe that she has experienced many troubled relationships in the past. However, Swift is able to choose the right words that many teens experience when they find their first true love that eventually harshly ends. The lyrics from her song “Red” explain this very well with lines such as “fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer / regretting him was like wishing you never found out that love could be that strong.”

Reader’s Annotation: The relationship you found love in was also the same relationship that you found heartache, desperation, and ridiculousness, but yet you would never take any of it back.

Author: Taylor Swift’s short biography on herself is very condensed that only displays random facts about herself. Swift describes her hometown as a Christmas tree farm and that she was born in December in 1990. She is a singer and a songwriter and her best writings are about love, which is absolutely everything to her. Her biggest fear is getting bad news or letting someone down.

Her first album called Taylor Swift was released in 2006 and then her first Christmas album called Sounds of the Season: Taylor Swift Holiday Collection was released in 2007. In 2008 Live from Soho album (exclusively available through iTunes), her Beautiful Eyes album, and her Fearless album were all released within the same year. In 2010, Swift released her Speak Now album and in 2011 she released her Speak Now World Tour Live album. Swift also appeared on The Hunger Games soundtrack with the songs “Safe & Sound” and “Eyes Open.” Then in 2012, her Red album was released.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Booktalking Ideas: N/A

Challenging Issues: N/A

Why This Album? As mentioned before, many teens who have experienced their first love, can easily relate to the lyrics in Taylor Swifts album.


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