Breakfast Club Directed John Hughes

breakfastclubTitleBreakfast Club

Director: John Hughes

ISBN: 0783283857

Publication Date: 1985

Genre: Drama

Reading Level/Interest Age: 15 and up

Plot: Five high school teens – each have gotten in trouble for something – are sent to attend detention on a Saturday. All of them know of each other but never associate with the other during the school week. Now they are all sitting in the school library together and contemplating their thoughts on who they are. All five of them are troubled with something deep dark that no one else in the school knows about and they’re all about to discover what that is.

Critical Evaluation: The likeliness of a group of teens, each from different cliques, to get along and create friendships between one another is highly unlikely. However, John Hughes does an excellent job at finding ways to create those the connections by bringing out the troubled teen inside. Andrew is a jock who no longer wants to wrestle but must do all that he can to keep competing in order to please his dad and live up to expectations. Brian has failed a project in shop class and that makes him come to the conclusion that he is a failure in life because he couldn’t pass a non-academic class. Claire is spoiled and always gets her way but she realizes that this is not the way to go. Allison lives in a household where no cares about her and almost acts as if she does not exist. John lives in an abusive household and has anger management issues due to this. These qualities and secrets are revealed to each other, which allows each character to connect with the other and accept the difficult situations that they all live in.

Reader’s Annotation: What happens when you put a jock, a criminal, a brain, a princess, and a basket case all in the same detention hall on a Saturday?

Author: Retrieved from – In 1984 John Hughes made his directorial debut with the film,Sixteen Candles. The film led to a multiple-picture contract with Paramount, as well as the creation of his own production house. He continued to create a string of films set in or around high school, including The Breakfast ClubPretty in PinkWeird Science andFerris Bueller’s Day Off, all of which boosted the careers of new actors.

Curriculum Ties:

  • Social interaction
  • Acceptance

Booktalking Ideas:

  • Out of the five characters which one do you relate to the most and why?

Challenging Issues:

  • Profanity
  • Drug use

Defensive Maneuvers:

  • I would be sure to study and memorize the library’s collection policy.
  • The Library Bill of Rights must also be brought to the challenger’s attention stating that the library is an information institution that provides both information and ideas.
  • Have both good and bad reviews (from respected sources) about the book at hand.
  • Remember to mention the awards and honors that the item has received.
  • Be sure to listen to the person who is challenging the book and do not interrupt them while they are speaking. Try to understand where the patron is coming from when he or she states their concerns about the material.
  • When you respond to the challenger, have a calm and respectable tone informing them that the library must do all that it can to provide intellectual freedom to its patrons, young and old.

Why This Movie? This movie has always been a personal favorite of mine. Knowing that each individual is able to connect with the rest of the group, has always given me hope that when I reached high school, I would be able to accept and be accepted by others.


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