Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

twilightcoverTitle: Twilight

Author: Stephanie Meyer

ISBN: 0-316-01584-4

Publication Date: 2005

Genre: Fantasy

Reading Level/Interest Age: 15 and up

Plot: Seventeen year old Isabella Swan (Bella) moves from her mother’s warm and sunny home in Arizona to her father’s household in drizzling and cold Washington. Of course, she is not excited about it. She is given a warm welcome from her new class mates all except for Edward Cullen. This is obviously shown when she sits next to him in their biology class and he presents a disgusted look on his face once he sees her. She feels that she must do all that she can to understand why he wants nothing to do with her. As clues begin to reveal themselves and come together through research, she confronts Edward that he is in fact a vampire. Knowing that he is what he is, this does not stop Bella from falling madly in love with him. She enters into this new world where new adventures await and she cannot wait to see what is in store for her.

Critical Evaluation: There are certain aspects that make this novel stand out compared to other vampire novels, which are the vampires’ characteristics. Unlike most vampire novels, these vampires are able to step into sunlight and not be burned and instead, their skin sparkles. Another characteristic that is noted in the book is that a vampire’s bite injects venom which attacks the heart and in turn the victim becomes a vampire. A vampire’s eye color depends on the diet; if he or she feeds on animal blood their eyes are a shade of gold and the diet consisted of human blood the hue is red.

Reader’s Annotation: Moving into a new town can be quite challenging for a teenage girl. What’s even more challenging is falling in love with a boy who finds you delicious.

Author: Based on Meyer’s biography page on her official website, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in English. In 2005, after sending her manuscript to various different publishers, Writer’s House finally snagged her manuscript and Twilight was published. The book was wildly popular making it to #5 on The New York Times bestseller list. Eventually, the sequel to Twilight, New Moon, was published in 2006. Then Meyer published the next book, Eclipse, of the Twilight Saga in 2007. In May of 2008, Little, Brown and Company published her adult novel called The Host and then in August of that same year the final book of the Twilight Saga was published. Director Catherine Hardwicke signed on to direct a movie based on Twilight and grossed at $70 million on the opening weekend.

Curriculum Ties: N/A

Booktalking Ideas:

  • If you knew that being someone would put you in danger, would you continue to see this person?

Challenging Issues:

  • Religious viewpoint
  • Sexual content

Defensive Maneuvers:

  • I would be sure to study and memorize the library’s collection policy.
  • The Library Bill of Rights must also be brought to the challenger’s attention stating that the library is an information institution that provides both information and ideas.
  • Have both good and bad reviews (from respected sources) about the book at hand.
  • Remember to mention the awards and honors that the item has received.
  • Be sure to listen to the person who is challenging the book and do not interrupt them while they are speaking. Try to understand where the patron is coming from when he or she states their concerns about the material.
  • When you respond to the challenger, have a calm and respectable tone informing them that the library must do all that it can to provide intellectual freedom to its patrons, young and old.

Why This Book? This book appeals to the teen readers who are fans of vampire and werewolf novels. Meyer narrates an interesting breed of vampires and goes into detail about the intricate bond that Bella and Edward share.


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