Teen Vogue Magazine

nicki-minaj-covers-teen-vogue-june-july-2013Title: Teen Vogue June/July Issue

Author: N/A

ISBN: 03218297

Publication Date: 2013

Genre: Fashion

Reading Level/Interest Age: 13 and up

Plot: Teen Vogue is a magazine that caters the teenage demographic and encompasses many different articles about fashion and teen related issues. This periodical is published on a monthly basis and always features a popular celebrity. In the June/July 2013 issue Nicki Minaj – popular singer to many young fans – is the highlight of this particular issue where she talks about her struggles to stardom. Because this issue is released during the summer months, the new summer line of bathing suits and summer dresses are released for the reader to see the popular new trends. Each issue has a written article about someone who works in the fashion industry and all the hard work that needs to be done. Health tips both promote constant awareness about healthy lifestyles and keeping up an active routine. Because this particular magazine caters to the fashion industry, it is no surprise that many of the pages are advertisements for women’s apparel and women’s beauty products. However, there are articles about different issues that readers should be aware of. One particular article is about adolescents aware of the rate of accidents caused by texting, but yet, they still continue the dangerous habit.

Critical Evaluation: The subject content and related material of the articles in this magazine are very important to understand. Even though this magazine caters to the fashion industry, the writers in each issue stick to the point of the matter, which is the teen reader. Although Nicki Minaj is not a teenager, the interviewer had asked Minaj to bring up her tough teenage life to show that even those at the top have suffered what many teens go through today. In a shorter article, Jaden Smith was interviewed and had talked about his newest movie After Earth that also starred his father, Will Smith. After talking about the movie, the author had brought to light about Jaden’s most important things in life which is his family.  

Reader’s Annotation: Those who are wondering what the latest fashion, health, and beauty tips will enjoy Teen Vogue magazine.

Curriculum Ties:

  • Health
  • Fashion and design

Booktalking Ideas: N/A

Challenging Issues: N/A

Why This Magazine? Similar to its predecessor (Vogue) and indicated in the title, this popular fashion magazine caters to the teen readers. This magazine offers not only fashion and beauty tips, but also offers inspiring stories of teens collaborating in the fashion industry, which instills dreams into the creative minds of Teen Vogue‘s readers.


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